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The Kingdom’s Go-To Supplier For Agricultural Products

Established in 1984, AGRI is part of the ABT Group of companies, which is headquartered in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. AGRI is the first company in the Kingdom to import barley and fertilizer in bulk. As a natural extension to its bulk fertilizer handling, ABT built a factory in 1991 for producing trace elements for use as nutritional agents in agriculture and agro chemicals.

The trace elements are produced by sister company, ICC (The International Company for Chemicals Ltd) in Jubail under the licensing agreement with Yara International of U.K. Over the years, Agri has established partnerships and/or exclusive distribution arrangements with reputable international companies who have strongly supported Agri with its business.

Competitive advantage

Why Us?

With over three decades of experience, Agri has been supporting its customers
with high quality products, timely delivery and customer tailored advisory services.
Agri is the most preferred supplier for major dairy farms and farmers, poultry
farms, feed and premixes manufacturers in the Kingdom.

  • Experience

    We understand our customer challenges. Our highly qualified technical team
    of agronomists and veterinarians work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions. Our capabilities include field trials, water and soil analysis, and other services to establish cost effective methods to enhance plant yield.

  • R&D

    We believe innovation is critical for our customer’s success. We are continuously involved in research and development activities to support the changing needs
    of our customers.

  • Delivery

    We appreciate the importance of our customer’s desire to deliver on time. The strategic location of our production plant enables us to produce what our customers need and our extensive distribution network ensures timed delivery at site.

  • Quality

    We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products which are products which are produced locally and imported from
    well-known companies. We are a one-stop shop for our customers with a complete product range for crop yield and livestock.

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