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Advisory Services

A Comprehensive Offering For Every Requirement

Our expert advisory services help farmers and cattle breeders improve the efficiency of their operations. Our range of services include comprehensive water and soil testing to identify an optimal crop and cattle mix, or to recommend treatment for acidic soil. Our experts also advise our network of clients on best practices for feeding schedules, feed mixes, fertilizer use, and a host of other variables. Our advisory services ensure that our clients can benefit from increased productivity and lower costs to benefit their bottom line.

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Feed Additives

Feed additives optimize use of natural resources and contribute to raising animals, cost effectively & sustainably

Feed Grains

Feed grains, such as barley and maize, are used for poultry and dairy feed


Nitgrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are very important elements required for plant growth


Micronutrients and its derivatives are used for agricultural crops such as cereal, fodder, fruits and vegetables, etc


Rhodes grass and alfalfa seeds are used for fodder production

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