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Planting Seeds - A Comprehensive Offering For Every Requirement

Agri's seed bank offers highbred seeds offering a demonstrable range of benefits. They are highbred for positive growth and production characteristics, with varieties suited to specific geographies and climatic conditions. Our carefully bred seeds also offer resilience and lower maintenance characteristics. The Agri range of seeds is ideal for planting in main fields and broadacre crops used for fodder. Our wide range of seeds is categorized into easy-to-find segments listed below. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please feel free to contact our team.

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Advisory Services

We provide advisory services
to farms and farmers on their production programs and fertilizer applications.

Feed Additives

Feed additives optimize use of natural resources and contribute to raising animals, cost effectively & sustainably

Feed Grains

Feed grains, such as barley and maize, are used for poultry and dairy feed


Nitgrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are very important elements required for plant growth


Micronutrients and its derivatives are used for agricultural crops such as cereal, fodder, fruits and vegetables, etc

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